Why is the Industrial Placement program of GDSE one of the most exceptional training programs ever?

The Industrial placement program of IJSE is executed as a core module in the Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering program.

What sets this industrial training program apart from an average training program is that it has a meticulous curriculum that starts from confidence building and extends through many beneficial phases like skill building, talent recognition, and most importantly specialization of skills according to the specific student’s talents and interests.

This program only extends for six months, however, within these six months, the mechanisms have been set up to make sure that every single student actively contributes to a significant amount of commercial-level projects that would guarantee to enhance their resume.

Last but not least, there is an impressive line-up of IT companies that are in collaboration with IJSE to recruit and nurture young aspiring IT professionals.

The list of Current companies available for recruitment:

  1. Capital Maharaja Group
  2. Intellion
  3. Fcode Labs
  4. Epic Technology Group
  5. Commercial Technologies Plus
  6. Ceyentra Technologies
  7. RUMEX
  8. DirectPay
  9. PaperTrl, Inc
  10. ZinCaT
  11. Sentura Technologies
  12. WebmoTech (PVT) LTD

These unique factors that are well designed to enrich young IT professionals are what make the Industrial Placement program of GDSE program offered by IJSE very unique and exponentially productive. As the mission of IJSE attests, this program will continue to improve as it has been over the years and will be a major milestone and a door to new opportunities for our aspiring IT professionals at the IJSE.

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