Innovesta ’24 Celebrates Innovation and Excellence in Software Engineering

Innovesta ’24, A dynamic platform where budding software enthusiasts showcased their remarkable creations. Held at the elegant Saffron Hotel in Wadduwa on August 8, 2024, the event was a testament to creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge solutions.

Key Highlights
Best Project: Nova Script emerged as the standout project, impressing judges with its ingenuity.

Team Spirit Award: Tech Fusion exemplified seamless teamwork and camaraderie.

Business Visionary Award: SolvTech demonstrated innovative business acumen.

Most Innovative Solution: CodeNexa pushed boundaries, redefining possibilities.

Best Presenter: Tharani Nethra eloquently captivated the audience.

As we conclude another successful Innovesta, we celebrate the dedication of all participants. Let’s continue reaching new heights in education and careers!

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