Successful Industrial Placement Interviews Conclude for Batches 59 and 60: Launching Promising Careers

The Institute of Software Engineering (IJSE) proudly announces the successful conclusion of industrial placement interviews for batches 59 and 60 of GDSE students. These batches are now prepared to enter the IT industry as skilled professionals, thanks to the nurturing ground provided by the industrial placement program.

During the program, students gain valuable experience by collaborating with industry professionals and engaging in commercial projects and innovations. Spanning over 960 training hours, this year’s program will introduce nearly 100 trainees to the industry. Notable companies, including Ceyentra Technologies, Epic Lanka Technology, PaperTRL, WebmoTech, Zincat Technology, and FcodeLabs, participated in the interview sessions, providing opportunities for these enthusiastic recruits.

IJSE extends its best wishes to the students of batches 59 and 60 for their upcoming interviews. A helpful guideline for interview success can be found at the following link. This program marks the students’ first industry experience, making it an exceptional opportunity for their future careers.

The Training & Development Division, in collaboration with the Academic Division of IJSE, expresses gratitude to the participating companies and acknowledges the outstanding performance of the students during the interviews.

As the recruits take their first steps into the industry, IJSE wishes them a flourishing career. Join the Institute of Software Engineering to pursue an IT career and experience our commitment to every student’s success.

Best of luck to the aspiring professionals of batches 59 and 60 as they embark on their promising journey.

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