DEP 10th Intake of The Graduate Training Program – 2023

Graduate Training Program

With the start of the new year, IJSE started the 10th intake of the Direct Entry Program. DEP is a unique streamlined fast-track program designed to help graduates to bridge the digital divide between them and the IT job market.

The program has been conducted by IJSE for three consecutive years, providing various graduates refining their skills and helping them to pursue career opportunities with ease without having to worry about the technology gap.

Not only that, the program has been the refuge of the countless graduates who are striving to venture into software engineering as their profession. 

IJSE has been shouldering the hopes and dreams of countless aspiring-to-be IT professionals and has been guiding them to their dream career without fail, regardless of whether or not someone is an IT graduate. Typically, the graduates of the following majors aside from IT are most likely to apply for the Direct Entry Program: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Earth Resource Engineering, etc.

The usual recruitment limit of the program is 30 students due to the special nature of DEP. However, the IJSE had to compromise and accommodate 70 graduates, more than twice the usual amount due to the excessive demand for the program by the graduates. Majority of these students are from the university of Moratuwa and a few of them are from the University of Peradeniya and the University of Ruhuna.

Regardless, we at the IJSE, extend our warmest best wishes to the new students who embarked their journey to the IT industry.

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