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GDSE 55/56 Academic sessions now commencing!

Academic sessions for the 55th and 56th batches of students of the Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering successfully started commencing today(06/02/2020) at both Panadura and Galle branches of Institute of Software Engineering facilitating a cumulative number exceeding 140 students in total topping the usual number of recruits enabling more opportunities for both students and institutions […]

GDSE 2020 Parents meeting held yesterday at Panadura branch.

Today, the Panadura branch of IJSE was buzzing with activity, marking the first session of the course program Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering with two separate sessions for parents and students respectively about the milestones and the success guaranteed path of GDSE course program. For this intake, IJSE had specially decided to expand its reach […]

2020 කරට කර සටනක අවසානයක්.

Hackathon 2020 organized by the Institute of Software Engineering which is an annual inter-branch coding Hackathon for the students of Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering, successfully concluded on the 12th of January 2020 at the Panadura Branch of IJSE. The event was started on the 11th of January 2020 at 6.00 pm and the intense […]

Mr.Namal Piyasena – Chief Architect / CEO Wixis 360 have participated for the industrial placement at IJSE yesterday.

Marking an end to the sequence of interview sessions held for the Industrial Training program 2020 of the students of Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering at Panadura Branch, the interview session conducted by wixis 360 (PVT) Ltd was concluded on 23rd of December, 2019. Wixis 360 is an institution with a solid background and a […]

Interview session with the Fcode Labs successfully concluded.

The second interview session for the industrial placement 2020 of the students of the Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering with the Fcode Labs was successfully concluded on the 17th of December 2019. Being a renowned institution in the software industry, the Fcode Labs has a wide range of products and a variety of technologies, the […]

Interview session of Ceyentra Technologies successfully concluded.

Marking the starting point of the industrial training program for current batches of students of Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering, the interview session conducted by Ceyentra Technologies (PVT) LTD was concluded successfully on the 16th of December 2019. Ceyentra Technologies (PVT) LTD was founded 2years ago and currently, it has a solid client tail in […]

Interview sessions for Industrial Placements 2020 begins

Institute of Software Engineering proudly presents its 51st and 52nd batches of students of GDSE to the upcoming industrial placement of the year 2020 in collaboration with more than five software companies that are involved with the industry of information technology. This new batch of students from both Panadura and Galle branches of IJSE are […]

The annual cricket tournament 2k19 of IJSE came to a conclusion with beautiful memories and an exciting round of matches.

The cricket tournament 2k19 of the Galle branch and Panadura branch of IJSE successfully came to an end on the 26th of October 2019 at the Army Ground Panadura. With an eventful and exciting experience, heated matches lasted until the dusk from dawn. Though, both teams GDSE 45 from Panadura and GDSE 54 from Galle […]

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