GDSE 55/56 Academic sessions now commencing!

Academic sessions for the 55th and 56th batches of students of the Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering successfully started commencing today(06/02/2020) at both Panadura and Galle branches of Institute of Software Engineering facilitating a cumulative number exceeding 140 students in total topping the usual number of recruits enabling more opportunities for both students and institutions that are involved in the industry of Information Technology.

After a week of the fundamental pre-academic program, the students were seemed to be very enthusiastic about their first academic session, marking their first and foremost step towards their dream career in the industry of Information Technology. 

Furthermore, IJSE, being the #1 software engineering institute of software engineering, is eager to accompany the new batches of students in their journey of nurturing themselves to becoming industry professionals living up to the decades of trust placed upon the institution by a myriad number of students.

Last but not least, it is said that the institution intends to expand the number of the students recruited and the number of institutions involved in the software market that IJSE is providing human resources to in the near future and undoubtedly this news will be music to the ears of many IT enthusiastic personnel all around the country.  

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