Remote learning – Alarming Success!!

One of the most debated topics during the lockdown period caused by the novel COVID-19 virus outbreak was whether remote learning is a successful learning method or not for learning software engineering and specialised IT program. Countless surveys, questioners, and researches were done involving the topic.

Despite all the controversies on the topic, IJSE managed to complete the first academic semester with an alarming success rate under a strict evaluation criterion. Though remote learning has its own drawbacks, with months of researches and experiments, IJSE was able to succeed in delivering lectures and execute the evaluation process efficiently. The result was quite obvious, reaching a high success rate was not the only benefit obtained out of the remote learning method but also, students were able to implement novel concepts in their first-semester major project. For this, an impressive line of instructors was at disposal 24/7 to aid the students.

With the lineup of successful lectures, VIVA, Evaluation, and questioners, IJSE was able to change the whole outlook about the education process, integrating remote learning methods to the education process.

Students clearly benefited from remote learning methods and with the professional projects, they were able to experience the concept of “Working from home” first hand.

Despite there were many inconveniences people in Sri Lanka faced when involving remote learning methods in education, the remote learning concepts can become a powerful tool to improve the overall performance and the educational quality of the students if utilized properly. 

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