Revolutionary IJSE online tutoring program introduced for IJSE students.

With the first article after the Sinhala & Tamil new year, we are wishing you a healthy and prosperous new year. Mother Sri Lanka is currently facing the threat of a novel COVID-19 virus outbreak. To keep the virus from spreading, the best available course of action was to home quarantine everyone. Which was quite effective to keep the spreading of the virus at bay.

During these troubled times, almost all the services apart from the services that can be considered as necessities have been stopped including education. However, stopping education for a few months can put students in rather a perilous situation. In a competitive world, be it the education or the job market waits for no one. It extremely affects the students of the IT field because the industries related to the IT field are currently commencing despite the lockdown. Since software engineers or IT personnel doesn’t need to attend the office. They could just hold meetings online and continue working at home. 

Thus, all the education service providers have taken various measures to overcome the difficulties and continue the learning process. The most traditional and popular method is online assignments. However, considering the mentality and the pressure students are facing under isolation, that might not be an effective solution. 

However, IJSE has introduced an online tutoring system using quite a number of platforms to be in contact with students and monitor their daily progress, provide them with daily lessons and support and of course consulting services have not been left out considering the mental wellbeing of the students. With a powerful line up of instructors and group-based monitoring criteria, IJSE assures a high-quality educational experience for their students.  

Throughout human history, civilizations fall and rise to the heights that they never had through a crisis and perilous situations. Thus, despite the difficulties, educational institutes have the responsibility of groom the future generation who are to contribute to society in the future properly. IJSE as the no.1 software engineering institute fulfils its responsibility to the utmost best with the revolutionary online tutoring system. Be brave, overcome the hurdles, conquer your fears and stay safe.

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