GDSE 2020 Parents meeting held yesterday at Panadura branch.

Today, the Panadura branch of IJSE was buzzing with activity, marking the first session of the course program Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering with two separate sessions for parents and students respectively about the milestones and the success guaranteed path of GDSE course program.

For this intake, IJSE had specially decided to expand its reach and to facilitate up to 70 students for the Panadura branch intending to provide more well-nurtured Software Engineers to the IT industry. This decision was made by taking a myriad number of requests into consideration which were made by the students insisting on more opportunities and the increasing demand for new Software Engineers by the institutions that are involved in the industry of Information Technology.

The session in discussion lasted for few hours enlightening both parents and students alike about the IT industry and students were specially provided with a career guidance session motivating them and putting them in high spirits. After the peaceful yet enthusiastic and extremely valuable session, the crowd dispersed with satisfaction with hope for the next session which is the pre-academic session for students that is scheduled to be held in the upcoming week. 

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