The final VIVA of GDSE was successfully completed today with the participation of industry veterans and under the coordination of the Academic Division of IJSE.

This VIVA was carried out to evaluate the Major Project completed by the students of the GDSE as their final project for their last academic semester.

The participants were all IT professionals who are involved in their respective careers through the Industrial Placement carried out in the GDSE program.

Most importantly, these projects contained practical applications of machine learning modules and Amazon Web Services. This would empower the current generation of GDSE industry professionals to reach new heights of their careers with the skillset they have on industry trends.

IJSE is an institution that takes pride in its ability to adapt to industry trends and its capable alumni. That said, the IT industry is a rapidly evolving field. To make matters more interesting, the competition in the job market never stops growing.

To say it simply, the IT graduates need to arm themselves with the skills that the industry expects them to have if they want to survive in the IT industry. The Academic Division and Training & Development Division of IJSE will make sure that you are always up for any challenge that the industry would throw at you.

Finally, we wish the best of luck to the examinees who faced their final VIVA today. May all your hard work and dedication for the whole two years be rewarded.

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