Never let obstacles delay your education – IJSE May-2021 Intake Pre-academics are ongoing.

The pre-academics for the May intake of 2021 of GDSE is currently underway with strategized online education methodologies to prepare the fresh recruits. This indicates the first milestone of another batch of aspired IT professionals. The pre-academic program was initiated on the 18th of May 2021 under the supervision of both Academics and Training & Development divisions of IJSE.

Despite the current situation in the country, our lives will continue forward, and so will the lives of the next workforce of the world. However, if they regress in their education, the competent workforce that would shoulder the world’s fate altogether will collectively regress. This may cause many industries to collapse.  

We, as a community, can do nothing but march forward and carry the heavy burden of nurturing the younger generation despite the obstacles we encounter. So aspire, thrive, and reach your career goals. The Institute of Software Engineering will faithfully continue its contribution to the aspiring IT professionals as it has always.

The unique methodologies that are refined and improved since the beginning of the epidemic have helped many batches of students of IJSE to reach their career goals. Despite the circumstances, the world will progress, and so will the younger generation. As always, IJSE will dedicate itself to carry a competent younger generation towards a bright future.

Most importantly, Stay Home & Stay Safe.

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