Industrial Training Officially Begins!

The interview session of the Industrial placement 2021 ended on the 19th of this month. The last interview was on the 19th and was conducted by Fcode Labs (Pvt) Ltd. With the end of successive episodes of interviews, the students of the Institute of Software Engineering are finally ready to venture into the IT industry as professionals.

Without a doubt, they are equipped with both skills and knowledge to survive and grow in the industry. The Training & Development division of IJSE stated their confidence in this batch of students at the end of the interview series.

Despite being forced to conduct the Academics online because of COVID-19, it is the pride of both Academic and T&D divisions to nurture a capable batch of students.

Both divisions would like to express their heartfelt gratitude for the dedication and the support students provided during online sessions and their studies.

Furthermore, they appreciate the companies for cooperating with the interview process accommodating a massive number of students for each session.

The students or rather the recruits will shortly be informed of their potential employer and the Industrial Training will officially begin next week. The T&D division said that they would soon publish the schedule with the starting dates of the Industrial training for the listed companies.

Hoping for happy cooperation with the listed companies, and bright careers ahead for the students, we at IJSE are looking forward to the next industrial placement program.

Finally, we would like to invite both potential students and ambitious companies out there to join us in our mission of cultivating skilled IT professionals for the industry.

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