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“After working in Management for 8 years, I wanted to join the IT field. Even without any prior programming knowledge, I achieved my goal with the help of DEP.” Said, Poornima Withanage expressing her appreciation for the Direct Entry Program after her Employment.

She is currently working as an Associate Software Engineer at Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd. Further explaining she said,” though I was not sure how to enter the IT industry, I was lucky to find DEP that helped me with adequate training up to industry standards and with all the required technologies”.

As she said, the Direct Entry Program is a unique program that is a gateway to industry after your degree. The IT job market in Sri Lanka is rather a competitive one. An industry placement without appropriate technical knowledge is nothing but a dream in a competitive environment.

However, though it is quite unfortunate, you might not always get much technological exposure depending on just your degree. Thus, DEP is a program is tailor-made for graduates to overcome their technological barrier and enter into the industry.

Though the program has an impressive technology stack, the modules are arranged by experts to be easily understood and the program itself is a fast track program making it more attractive to the audiences.

DEP itself is an advanced training program from zero to enterprise-level technologies currently in trend with the industry.

However, imagine yourself having a hard time putting up with the career path you chose outside the scope of the ICT field. Some may be able to relate and some maybe not. Regardless, now imagine yourself wanting to be an IT professional.

Sounds like quite a challenge, right? It indeed is, however, DEP can make it a reality. Direct Entry Program, as its name defines, can be your exclusive gateway to the industry.

Last but not least, drop by our YouTube channel, you might find some interesting success stories of students that would give you the motivation you need.

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