New Intake of GDSE!! -Parents Meeting-

The Parents’ meetings for the GDSE new intake was held on the 1st and the 2nd of December successfully at IJSE. This parents’ meeting was led by the Academic and Training and Development divisions of IJSE. The main point of discussion was the upcoming academic and training procedure for students of the new intake.

Due to the COVID-19, the whole outlook on education in the world has been changed. Because of this situation, IJSE specially discussed the contribution from the institute, students, and the parents to create a successful GDSE graduate.

With two consecutive successful batches of GDSE throughout the COVID-19 season, IJSE has developed the most successful education methods for online education.

As such, the experience of the academic and training and development divisions shared their past experiences in online education with the parents. At the end of the discussion, representatives of the academic division and the training and development division declared their 100% confidence in carrying the new batch of software engineers in making.

The parent meeting was concluded on a positive note with overwhelmingly good feedback from the parents.

We, at IJSE, wish all the best for the new batch of IT professionals in making to achieve their hopes and dreams with GDSE.

Parents Meeting – GDSE

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