GDSE Academics will start soon!

We hope that you are safe during the second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak. This is to bring you the good news that the academics for the new intake of GDSE on January 4th at the Panadura Branch and January 5th of 2021.

GDSE is a program that has made thousands of IT professionals. IJSE has been conducting this program for more than 11 years so far. This program guarantees 100% success for IT professionals in making that has proven with results.

Even under the lockdown conditions, the program continued successfully through online teaching methods. This online teaching program of IJSE was 100% successful with systematic lectures and evaluation methods that made sure no student is left behind.

With these qualities, IJSE is the best program available in Sri Lanka for students who aspire to become IT Professionals. Besides, the idea “Your career comes first and then your paper qualifications” is unique to this program that has made GDSE the best among paths to select for your higher education.

On that note, we are thrilled to help you on your journey to becoming a high-salary-earning IT professional.

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