GDSE – Industrial Training Program 2020 Now Commencing.


As the #1 Software Engineering Institute in Sri Lanka, the Institute of Software Engineering establishes its latest batches of students (GDSE 51st and 52nd batches) into the IT industry accommodating requirements of institutions that are involved in the IT industry with capable and able new recruits. 

The industrial training program started as scheduled in the first month of the year with the corporation of many institutions opening various career opportunities for the students marking the first milestone of the career of the 51st and 52nd batches of students of Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering. 

Ceyentra Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Neo Minds Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, Wixis 360 (Pvt) Ltd, FCode Labs (Pvt) Ltd, Commercial Technologies Plus (Pvt) Ltd, epic lanka technology (pvt) Ltd are happen to be the institutions conducting the industrial training program for the mentioned batches of students of the GDSE course program for the year 2020. The dates that the industrial training programs started by the above-mentioned institutions are as follows.

Neo Minds Holdings (Pvt) Ltd – 13/01/2020

Ceyentra Technologies (Pvt) Ltd – 20/01/2020

Wixis 360 (Pvt) Ltd – 20/01/2020

FCode Labs (Pvt) Ltd – 14/01/2020

Commercial Technology – 1st week of Feb

Epic Lanka Technologies – 1st week of Feb

and the industrial program carried out by Commercial technologies plus and epic are scheduled to be started in the first week of February 2020.

That said, this unique and exclusive industrial training program for the students of the Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering course program, conducted by the Institute of Software Engineering is not just a training program for the students. Through this program, every student is monitored and with addition to their training, their talents and interests are identified and they are guided to excel in a particular field that suits them the best. These include various aspects of software engineering including the latest trending fields in the industry like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

With that, as an institution that prioritizes the wellbeing of the students and their capabilities in the software industry, the industrial training is second to none and is the best opportunity for the IT enthusiastic individuals to establish themselves in the IT industry.     

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