Total revolution! become a software engineer after that focus on your final year of the degree……


Ever since the inception of the Institute of Software Engineering, it has guided thousands of Software Engineers to their dream career earning its place as the leading software engineering institute in the country. 

With the unique approach that is unique to IJSE, it has been able to nurture a large number of highly capable software engineers to the IT industry leaving no space for any arguments about the success rate of the teaching and training methods they employ.

The approach “career first and academics is a plus” deem to be highly compatible with a practical field like Information Technology which IJSE has proven throughout 14 years of its legacy. 

As the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm” in the IT industry, your career experience as much as your academic qualifications which are quite obvious. So, why not have both? This is what the Institute of Software Engineering is capable of providing its students to strive among their peers in the IT industry. 

As such, bringing good news to all the students of IJSE, they have collaborated with the University of Bolton and provided the opportunity to follow the Top-up degree, BSc (hons) in computing – internal degree, offered by the University of Bolton to the students of IJSE. The program, BSc (hons) in computing can be completed within a year, which will assist the students to improve their career prospects swiftly. As such, the recruitments for the first batch of students are currently ongoing and apparently, students are quite eager to grasp the valuable opportunity.

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