The annual cricket tournament 2k19 of IJSE came to a conclusion with beautiful memories and an exciting round of matches.


The cricket tournament 2k19 of the Galle branch and Panadura branch of IJSE successfully came to an end on the 26th of October 2019 at the Army Ground Panadura. With an eventful and exciting experience, heated matches lasted until the dusk from dawn.

Though, both teams GDSE 45 from Panadura and GDSE 54 from Galle selected for the final round to the disappointment of the spectators, it was declared a draw due to the fading of the last ray of sunlight of the day.

Though the most anticipated ending was out of the expectations, the passion and exceptional skills shown by every aspect of their respective team of participants was a sight to behold.

With a day full of excitement and hot-bloodedness of the youth, the annual showdown between the two branches of IJSE came to a conclusion with anticipation for another exciting episode of the annual cricket tournament held by the students of IJSE for the upcoming year.

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