What is Machine Learning?


As software engineers, you know of how rapidly the technology trends change. In the past decades, many technological trends have made breakthroughs in the IT industry. Cloud drives, Ridesharing apps, Virtual assistants, self-driving cars, and wellness apps became popular among the users in the blink of an eye. Apps that can adapt to users’ preferences, apps that can self-correct, personal assistants for various kinds of purposes dominated the market throughout the past years. 

All kinds of software attached to artificial intelligence have made the livelihood of the users much easier and smoother. Everybody likes it when the software does everything by itself to their preferences without having to spend much effort. This situation has escalated to where every customer expects these qualities from the products they buy from the market. 

These have become possible because of machine learning. As the term defines, machine learning is all about taking in a huge amount of data and give you predictions or answers accordingly with its ability to learn from the data input by itself. 

Take google that we all are familiar with, when you search something on google it usually gives you search results related to your profession, preferences or related to your search history. Google will learn about you and give predictions related to you accordingly.

In case if you were asked to write algorithms for these predictions, that would be a nightmare. Since users expect these smart features in the products they buy, as contributors to the market, you are required to prioritise customer satisfaction. That is why you need machine learning.

What is Machine Learning? How to learn it? And where to learn it? That is where IJSE comes to your rescue. IJSE, as an institution that always priorities the industry trends, is happy to introduce you to a course program to master machine learning. To keep up with the latest trend in the IT industry, as industry professionals, you are welcome to join us.

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    1. Dear student, this is for the students who completed 3rd semester of GDSE. But if you are really interested to follow it, pls let us know.
      Prerequisites are, you should have sound knowledge and skills of developing software solution and master language as well.

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