The pioneer of Software Engineering

IJSE has become the most prominent IT educator in Sri Lanka, with its fruitful service over a decade.

The GDSE program is one of the main programs of the institution that focuses on cultivating school leavers to become expert IT professionals. This program alone has cultivated over 6500 software engineers just within a decade.

IJSE is also renowned for its streamlined fast-track training programs that are appealing to countless graduates from all over the country from many universities.

These qualities have raised an influx of students aspiring to become IT professionals that is way beyond the recruitment limit of educational programs of the IJSE.

Furthermore, IJSE is distinguished among the industry insiders for its industry-centric education system.

Finally, IJSE has already contributed a massive workforce to over 500 companies out of the 600+ IT institutions in Sri Lanka and also a huge number of institutions overseas.

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