First Interview Session With Sentura Technologies – Industrial Placement 2021

Today held the first session of the interviews for the Industrial Placement 2021 of the GDSE program lead by the Institute of Software engineering. The first interview session was conducted by Sentura Technologies (PVT) Ltd. This marks the beginning of an intensive session of a long sequence of interviews that would continue for the rest of January with the contribution of many other organizations.

The COVID-19 condition may have affected the productivity of the education in the country overall; However, despite the odds, IJSE could and did always accomplish providing the students with the best education and opportunities.

True to the word, because of the situation in the country, the interview sessions are carried out online. However, the Training & Development Division IJSE stated that online sessions will not affect the students’ performance in the interviews because they have faced online simulation interviews. The T&D division further stated that they can guarantee a smooth and successful session from beginning to end.

Finally, we wish all the students who are facing the interview with Sentura Technologies (PVT) Ltd. the best of luck and with the dawn of the new year 2021, may all your career aspirations come true.

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