Interview sessions for Industrial Placements 2020 begins

Institute of Software Engineering proudly presents its 51st and 52nd batches of students of GDSE to the upcoming industrial placement of the year 2020 in collaboration with more than five software companies that are involved with the industry of information technology.

This new batch of students from both Panadura and Galle branches of IJSE are meticulously trained and well-endowed with knowledge such as OOP concepts, Design patterns, Database Management and may more modules. Coupled with their ability to grasp and adapt to new technologies due to the prior training they have received, they are prepared to face the competitive software industry with ease.

The interview sessions for the upcoming industrial placement are scheduled to be held on 16th, 17th, 18th, 21st, and 23rd of December, 2020. Collaborating with various software companies, IJSE, hopes to deliver the best working experience possible to the batch of candidates for the industrial placement 2020.

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