GDSE starts …


Being a software engineer just after G.C.E Advanced level examination may sound too good to be true, however, IJSE has accomplished the herculean task of granting a passageway for students to achieve the dream of becoming the software engineer of their dreams after Advanced Level Examinations. 

Armed with a well-coordinated academic plan and an industrial training program ‘Graduate Diploma of Software Engineering’ is up for the task of assisting you to build your career as a software engineer. 

With the determination and anticipation, IJSE successfully marked the start of the new intake of Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering advancing towards the goal of another batch of capable software engineers in the IT industry.


being one of the leading IT education providers in Sri Lanka has been focusing on enhancing the skills and attitudes which are desperately sought by the IT industry ever since its inception in 2006 with our most exquisite Software Engineering courses in Sri Lanka.

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