A career guidance program held by IJSE and VTA ministry of higher education

The younger generation is the future of the country”. That said, for Sri Lankan students, G.C.E Advanced Level Examination is a major turning point in their lives. Either they can choose a state university for their future career development or they could look for other means for studies after the Advanced Level Exams. However, among more than 350,000+ exam candidates only a little more than 30,000 students get to attend a state University which leaves others to look for alternatives. 

That said, “What are those alternatives? How do we find them? Will be able to find a good career in the future? Will that career suit me?” with a bunch of similar questions will always emerge to these students.

As an answer for these numerous questions, by joining hands with Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka, IJSE contributes to the seminar series conducted by Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training carrying out the responsibility of assisting the younger generation to build up a better future for themselves and for the country.  

Date: 04/09/2019 at 9.30am AGA office Horana

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